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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
10:50AF4910Air FranceKrasnodarDboarding is over
10:50D95370DonaviaMineralnye VodyDboarding is over
10:50DL8180Delta Air LinesKrasnodarDboarding is over
10:50KL3062KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnodarDboarding is over
10:50SU1102AeroflotKrasnodarDboarding is over
10:50SU5370AeroflotMineralnye VodyDboarding is over
10:55AF4907Air FranceKrasnoyarskDlanded at 10:56
10:55AZ3781AlitaliaVladivostokDlanded at 10:45
10:55AZ5652AlitaliaKrasnoyarskDlanded at 10:56
10:55DL8216Delta Air LinesSt.PetersburgDdeparted
10:55KL3224KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnoyarskDlanded at 10:56
10:55KL3233KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesVladivostokDlanded at 10:45
10:55SU1483AeroflotKrasnoyarskDlanded at 10:56
10:55SU1701AeroflotVladivostokDlanded at 10:45
11:00JU651Air SerbiaBelgradeFboarding is over
11:00KL3069KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesSamaraDlanded at 10:59
11:00N41808Nordwind AirlinesAntalyaClanded at 10:41
11:00SU1603AeroflotSamaraDlanded at 10:59
11:00SU3520AeroflotBelgradeFboarding is over
11:05AY153FinnairHelsinkiDlanded at 10:38
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Moscow, 26 April, Sunday, 11:8
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Press releases

Sheremetyevo Airport has provided services to more than 6 million passengers since the beginning of the year

Sheremetyevo International Airport has recently announced the statistics of its operational activity for March and three month 2015. The number of passengers served since the start of the year lowered by 0.9% against the same period of 2014, reaching a total of 6,378,000 passengers.

Aeroflot selects Moscow Cargo terminal

In January 2015 “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” has announced a tender for cargo ground handling provider selecting at Sheremetyevo Airport.