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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
13:30KL902KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesAmsterdamEboarding is over
13:30N41644Nordwind AirlinesLarnacaClanded at 13:16
13:30SU1645AeroflotSimferopolDlanded at 13:09
13:30SU3122AeroflotAmsterdamEboarding is over
13:35SU1628AeroflotSimferopolDboarding is over
13:40AF4955Air FranceSochiDlanded at 13:22
13:40AZ3780AlitaliaSochiDlanded at 13:22
13:40IK1903Pegas FlyHurghadaCdeparted
13:40KL3075KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesSochiDlanded at 13:22
13:40SU1139AeroflotSochiDlanded at 13:22
13:40SU1547AeroflotAnapaDlanded at 13:27
13:45D95372DonaviaMineralnye VodyDboarding is over
13:45KL2870KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesUfaDexpected at 13:49
13:45SK734SAS—Scandinavian Airlines SystemsCopenhagenEexpected at 15:02
13:45SU1261AeroflotUfaDexpected at 13:49
13:45SU5372AeroflotMineralnye VodyDboarding is over
13:50AF4945Air FranceKrasnodarDlanded at 13:43
13:50AZ5644AlitaliaKrasnodarDlanded at 13:43
13:50KL3195KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnodarDlanded at 13:43
13:50LO675LOT - Polish AirlinesWarsawEexpected at 14:05
13:50OK4892CSA Czech AirlinesPragueElanded at 13:31
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Moscow, 3 September, Thursday, 13:47
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Press releases

Sheremetyevo invites into outer Space

On August 1, 2015 Sheremetyevo International Airport and VIP- International open a new business lounge “Space” for passengers of international air lines. The lounge is situated in the airside of Terminal E (3rd floor opposite the gate № 39).

Sheremetyevo and Ellinair have opened a new airlift to Greece

Sheremetyevo International Airport and the airline Ellinair (Greece) have opened a new direction Moscow — Thessaloniki — Moscow. The first regular flight from Thessaloniki was performed by the airline today, July 22, 2015. The scheduled time of arrival at Sheremetyevo airport — 12.55 MSK.